Phil is a strategic communications agency based in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2015 with broad experience in marketing and advertising, I am devoted to explore the right means of communications for every client. I work with small and big businesses to find answers for the why, the how and the what for each communications channel.


Strategy is the starting point for successful communications. Sound consumer insights, a well thought-through creative concept that makes sure to reach the right target audience and carefully selected media outlets are crucial for marketing performance. I am a strategist by heart and approach all my work from this mindset.


From creating a corporate identity with a compelling story to integrated advertising campaigns and state-of-the-art digital solutions, I work in every area of communications. Apart from copywriting and designing myself, as an experienced creative director I am confident in inspiring and leading creative teams as well as project and production management.


Consumer experience can be improved on many different levels. Apart from creating outstanding marketing tools, I also work as an external consultant for management consultancies. At the intersection of client and agency my expertise helps to understand, analyze and improve internal and external marketing processes in the age of integrated communications.


I work with a rotating cast of highly talented people from various creative disciplines. The skills of my partners include everything from outstanding graphic design, 3D motion graphics and mobile app development to out-of-the box media planning and street art. No matter what skill is required for a project, I will set up the ideal project team.


Clients past and present include multinational corporations as well as local start-ups. Ranging from agency campaigns to current one-man show projects, I always work hard to exceed client expectations.


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Hey, I'm Phil. Philipp. Philipp Altenberger.

I founded Phil as an agency for strategic communications in 2015 after graduating from Shillington School for Graphic Design in New York City. Before that I scraped together 8 years of experience in advertising and communications as a Creative Director, Brand Strategist and Product Manager. As an add-on, I completed the Account Planning Boot Camp at Miami Ad School to dive deeper into the strategic part of advertising.

I like coffee, travelling, good food, backcountry skiing and The National. I love cycling but probably won't shave my legs. Ok, I did it. Why? Because rules. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground is my work ethic. Let your creative mind flourish and stay playful, but work hard to make things happen.

Also, make sure to check out our new project Trikoterie!



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